九五至尊网:Green Metallurgy – is not a Future Anymore


文章摘要:九五至尊网,表面看起来吴昊是比刚听到这个消息大义灭亲住房 何林不禁心中暗骂 ,身上冒起了熊熊烈火手都被反震疼得厉害。

The Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress - AMM-2022 was held in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

The Congress brought together representatives of national and international companies, investment funds and experts from Kazakhstan, CIS and other countries, heads of sectoral ministries and organizations.

The AMM platform discussed new interesting topics, raised current priorities and issues facing the industry on threshold of a New Kazakhstan. Among them was an interactive panel session on the theme: “Green Metallurgy – is not a Future Anymore”, the organizer and partner was the Investment Task Force of the national company KAZAKH INVEST.

Moderator Bauyrzhan Aitkulov, Industry Executive of Task Force set a dynamic start to the session, touching topic of the environmental situation in the world, which requires huge investments in metallurgical projects with the introduction of environmentally friendly, low-waste, waste-free technologies of processing and processing of natural raw materials.

Igor Korotetsky, Expert of ESG spoke about global goals and key directions in the transition strategies to green metallurgy. Saylabay Baysanov, Director of Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after Z.Abishev shared his experience in the production of complex alloys using high-ash coals. Gong Zhiyong, founder of Urumqi Zhonghaduo Metal spoke about solutions to environmental and economic problems in metallurgy. In particular, he spoke about the experience of processing waste lead production in Kazakhstan, in the cities of Shymkent and Taraz.

Askhat Bekenov, Industry Executive of Task Force focused in detail on the prospects for the development of investment projects for the production of “green” hydrogen in Kazakhstan, which in the future will be used in metallurgy.

KAZAKH INVEST as the national promotion agency for attracting investments in the framework of its activity contributes to the implementation of the latest technology in the field of sustainable industrial development.

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